15+ Best and Playful Nails Design Ideas This Week

It has been stated that in the way a woman dresses, dresses are always the smallest detail that makes a big difference. Something similar can be said about claws for the overall beauty. You may put on a perfect make-up and have the perfect hair, if your nails aren’t cared for, astonishingly, this will be among the first items to be noticed. On the other hand, even without an excellent outfit, exceptional lovely nails will always bring positive and admiration jealousy from girls and interest from guys. The hands and nails should be considered among the sexiest sides of girls.

Women’s taste changes al not in how that they enjoy their nails to be done, short or long, simple or extravagant, plain-colored, or with unique designs. Longer nails are usually thought of as sexier as they seem to make a difference between a woman and a woman somehow. But girly can be hot too, and long claws are sometimes not very aesthetic.

Regardless of the size or shape, any nail appearance can be strongly improved by only a few simple actions.

1. Clean the nails and the area under your nails whenever it is needed. If using colored nail polish, do not forget to wash it off and reapply it every time it begins looking not so refreshing.

2. These processes make the nail seem much cleaner and more on the finger, discovering its full aesthetic potential.

Whether you chose only to push the cuticle back or to push them back to be able to cut them, do it lightly and without putting too much strain on the nail.

If you decided to cut them, do it with clean, unique, thin, and sharp scissors, investing allot of patience and care. Wounds seem bad for a few days, and they’re also a higher risk for the region to get inflamed, or even contaminated. Moreover, in case you cut them, it is much better to do it fairly often, until they get to grow a great deal. When cutting increased cuticles, the remaining skin has the propensity to shred and lift in smallish pieces, a result that does not appear when they’re regularly cut.

This produces the cuticles and skin around the nails softer and more elastic, preventing the skin from lifting and the borders dryness.

3. Also, there’s a really large assortment of transparent nail polish kind of merchandise that can allow you to maintain your nails healthier. The colored nail polishes would be the ones to bring it.

We must admit that the majority of the girls, if not all, are interested in colors, and our claws give us a perfect chance to play together.

But not everyone agrees with this rule. Strong colors on short nails are extremely sexy and state that a strong character. They bring you the Tomboy design of a tough, sexy lady.

Therefore, in the world of colors, anything is permitted.

The best of all is 1 step ahead, mixing them and obtaining an artistic layout on your nails.

4. Get a surprising design in your nails.

It always sounds more complex than it truly is. Sometimes, a simple stripe set in the center of the nail or a few dots arranged in the form of a flower can make a world of difference and does not take too much of a gift or time. Additionally, there are lots of tools on the marketplace that can enable you to attain such imagination with practically no effort. There are special colors for nail art, more compact and with a narrow brush or a small pipe (like a pencil ), that supplies you with fairly higher precision in applying the nail polish colors.

If you would like an even more intricate design that you still don’t have to be an expert to perform them, an extremely simple way is using one of the intelligent nails design templates. The result looks like you have done it yourself, just without any errors, and you’re also free to use any of your previous nail polishes in the procedure. Additionally, it provides you the freedom of numerous combinations and private adding.

Whatever the method you used in adding the nail art spice to your nails, once you have it all dry, then apply a translucent coat on top, to cover and protect your creation.

If you would like to make your buddies really jealous about how you look, just don’t forget about your own nails!