Welcome to the new blog!

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I wouldn’t have pushed with the idea of starting a new blog had it not been for a recent acquaintance  who blogs like crazy!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not crazy like really crazy.  Crazy in a way that he was so passionate about it because he said he is able to share his views about virtually anything.  It’s more of an outlet for him and he was really excited as he talks about his exchanges with some of his online community.

Well, here I am starting a brand new blog but it’s all about something I am passionate about and that is home improvement.  Ever since I could remember, I know that I would make a living out of it and I did.  I always love anything about home improvement and design.  I come from a family with so many Home Improvement guys around.  Surely they were my influence and even until now.

So why blog? First, I am at the point where I like sharing my thoughts and I believe that this is one of the best platforms.

This blog will be about home improvement and I know for sure you’ll enjoy reading through my future posts.

I am Rodger and I am happy to be here and hopefully to belong to a community!



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