Modern Workspaces

I recall the first office building I worked in as a banking assistant in the 80’s without delight – it was drab, depressing and lifeless. Without Art or any flair for design, the building reflected the values of the businesses who dwelled inside – minimise costs, optimise efficiency and functionality.

Nothing about the building, inside or out, could be said to inspire. Nowadays, that philosophy is changing.

For some thought leaders, the philosophy of business and leadership is changing, from ‘Ask not what my employees can do for me, but what I can do for my employees’. Whereas good leadership has previously been about pushing forward from the front, dragging your team along behind you and leading by example, nowadays business leadership is about supporting from the bottom, providing everything your team needs to flourish and lead themselves. 

Many Tech startups are at the forefront of this movement in which supporting your employees is paramount – their wellbeing, their health and their happiness. The idea is that happy, healthy, stress-free employees will perform at their best. Many of these tech companies provide excellent food, provide employees travel to and from work, bedrooms at work for napping, and a range of other novel ideas to keep employees healthy and happy at work.

Workspace Design

The workspace has been integral to this change in philosophy. For starters, rather than being simply a space to facilitate employees doing their job, it has now become a space to facilitate their relaxation, health and happiness. That means many offices accommodate modern kitchens, social spaces and lose their hard, functional edge. Check out the Facebook HQ, for example (below), which features an 18 hole mini golf course on the rooftop!


As well as the functional aspect of workspaces changes, the aesthetic is also changing. As companies look to support and inspire their workers, the value of architecture to set the mood and emotion of its inhabits is being utilised more and more.

WeWork co-working space in London is a great example – although their spaces couldn’t be said to be financially economical or space efficient, their design is breathtaking modern, inspiring, clever, and reflective of the companies they house (their prices reflect this too – eyewatering!)


But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only the big tech companies who are leading the charge in the workspace. I recently drove past Corbygate BusinessPark (below), which houses the software company (who provide automated vendor account reconciliations) and just had to stop the car and get out to admire the freestanding all-glass façade of the building.You wouldn’t have seen buildings like this in rural England a few years ago – surely a sign that the design landscape in the workspace is changing up and down the country.


I’m delighted that capitalist businesses see the value in having workspaces that go beyond functionality and efficiency to inspire and support the society in which they’re based. Unlike residential or retail space, office spaces are a fascinating study in collaboration – how people can come together and work to achieve amazing things. Companies by definition generate profit – some of them huge amounts – and seeing how this profit can be reinvested back into workspaces for the benefit of the company by way of their employees as well as society as a whole.


My Favorite London Parks

London is famous for its wide-open green space that has become a luxury in most of the developed cities around the world. It has large open spaces in the outskirts of the city while in the city you can enjoy the secret gardens. Thus, it is no surprise that it has been voted as the greenest city in the world of its size.

London very soon aims to be declared a national park. It has the greenest and the most picturesque park all around the city. Whether you go to North London or East London, it has some of the best parks in the world.

There is no better place to soak in the famous London summer than the famous London parks. Here is a list of my favorite London parks to visit when in London.

Hampstead Heath


Hampstead Heath is a park that has fields for you to run, ponds for you to swim and woods for you to hide in. It provides a great view of the city of London that brings visitors back again and again. Being a part of North London it provides the locals a chance to be with nature while still experiencing the hustle and bustle of being in a jungle of concrete. It is a perfect spot for flying kites and is dotted with pubs around the edges of the park.

Golders Hill Park

The Golders hill park is situated right next to the Hampstead Heath Park. Often overshadowed by its famous neighbor, it is a beautiful place where you have lovely flowerbeds. There are little secret gardens where you can reach by treading on the little paths in the garden. There is also a very nice petting zoo in the garden.

Regents Park


The Regents Park is a spectacular creation of London’s famous royal architect, John Nash. It is famous for the London Zoo that is located at the park’s northeast corner. Another remaining area of the park showcases its beautiful landscape.

Greenwich Park

The Greenwich Park is famous for the amazing view it offers with green open spaces that’s perfect for a picnic, jogging or a little stroll down the park with your dog. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site ad is home to the line of Greenwich Meat Time. It is also home to National Maritime Museum, Old Royal Observatory and the Royal Naval College.

Victoria Park 


One of the best-kept secret gardens in London, Victoria Park is an amazing place to spend your day. The park is divided into two by grove Road with one part, the western section home to the most beautiful lakes with a functional fountain. The park’s skyline is lined with various types of trees like horse chestnuts, cherries, Kentucky coffee, hawthorns and oaks.

Hyde Park

One of London’s most famous and picturesque places, Hyde Park has beautiful manicured lush green garden and pristine swan-filled lakes. Situated in the heart of central London, it is home to the famous landmark Serpentine Boating Lake and Speakers Corner. As it is highly accessible because of its central location, it attracts a large number of crowds making it the most fun place to enjoy the green space of London.



5 Quick Fixes to Bring a Room to Life

Giving a new look to your home is an interesting thing rather than daunting, the same way when you decide to cut your hair so short when your hair has been hanging until your waist for so many years.  The result is generally refreshing you can just marvel about it. Change can reenergize you and changing something in your home just brings more positivism.  It reenergizes you and the rest of the people living in the house. Something new just pumps up energy.


Among the simplest methods of achieving that is to decorate your home.  A change in accessories would bring life to what has been a dull living room which has been in that same arrangement and colour scheme for almost two years.  By stating that, one does not constantly necessarily suggest wall decorations, lamp shades mirrors, furnishings or things like that.

Comfortable chairs, relaxing beds and uncommon lighting are terrific alternatives however the space can likewise be jazzed up with things that are as simple and basic as vibrant seat cushions (and can also be designer cushions), restroom rugs, carpeting rugs, ornamental pillows and drapes. They act as a great way of revamping your house decor.

The kind of design you decide to provide your space shows your taste, choices and frame of mind. Likewise, the house decoration can considerably affect your state of mind and aid in easing anxiety after a long day at work.

  • Painting your walls with refreshing new shade can be a great idea. For many, white is ‘the’ color that assists in introducing a sense of peace and calmness. While some people want to include some tones of color making the space come alive. Perhaps a nice bunch of vibrant and tastefully chosen items like seat cushions/ designer cushions, restroom rugs, carpeting rugs, ornamental pillows and drapes can significantly contribute to the concept.
  • Drapes can bring about the change your looking for too. If you put some with colours of your choice and style, they would surely bring back the vibrance to your living room and bedrooms.
  • Get some planters so you can put plants somewhere in your living room. This should really be easy and a low-cost make over.  Plants are refreshing because of their green colour and their capability to freshen the air in your interiors.
  • You do not have to buy anything if you do not have a budget for a quick fix for your home. You can think of a new arrangement of your living room, for example.  Re-arrange the furniture that would give you a brand new feel.

Besides, it is not necessary to spend too much to fix your home. Smart preparation is the key.

How to Breathe New Life to Your Home On a Budget

Remodeling your house can be very enjoyable. When you find yourself not too delighted with the appearance and theme of your house, possibly shopping for some interior decoration would just solve the problem. Remodeling does not mean you spend loads of money to enhance your home, so do not stress. Here are a couple of techniques to upgrade your house that you’ll surely fall for with a low budget plan.


  1. Remodeling may be a difficult process, particularly if you’re doing it on a specified budget. So among the most crucial things to bear in mind is not to spread your self too thin. Instead of purchasing one items for each space, attempt focusing on one certain space. If you get a couple of things for each space, you’ll never feel the change, and you’ll find yourself feeling unhappy. So, rather choose one space that you wish to focus on then go all out. You will see a significant modification with simply a couple of upgrades and concepts.
  2. What you can do to get the change you want into a reality is to get upholstered barstools . They are just perfect to get the revamp you have in your mind. The fantastic feature of these chairs is that if you ever get tired of the fabric, you purchase some fabric, and have it upholstered – it will look brand new. You can have a couple of various designs, and you can style the modern stools to satisfy your design. This can be an enjoyable and low-cost method to upgrade your dining room, kitchen area, or outdoor patio.
  3. Likewise to the chairs, there’s no need for a new loveseat, by giving your throw pillows a lovely make over. You can get some inexpensive materials that you like and make covers for the pillows. You can either include a zipper or button. This concept can work, I’ve done it myself! Simply get some material, zipper and begin making some gorgeous and tailored throw pillows that can quickly jazz up your living location, or bed.
  4. Include some colourful drapes. This is a terrific and low-cost method to truly get back the vibrance into your home. You can go to any shops near you or any discount shop for a sensible cost. By including pieces of color you can immediately upgrade your house and produce a totally changed look.

These ideas are very simple and do not need much cash for implementing your desired remodeling.

Welcome to the new blog!

living room 3

I wouldn’t have pushed with the idea of starting a new blog had it not been for a recent acquaintance  who blogs like crazy!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not crazy like really crazy.  Crazy in a way that he was so passionate about it because he said he is able to share his views about virtually anything.  It’s more of an outlet for him and he was really excited as he talks about his exchanges with some of his online community.

Well, here I am starting a brand new blog but it’s all about something I am passionate about and that is home improvement.  Ever since I could remember, I know that I would make a living out of it and I did.  I always love anything about home improvement and design.  I come from a family with so many Home Improvement guys around.  Surely they were my influence and even until now.

So why blog? First, I am at the point where I like sharing my thoughts and I believe that this is one of the best platforms.

This blog will be about home improvement and I know for sure you’ll enjoy reading through my future posts.

I am Rodger and I am happy to be here and hopefully to belong to a community!